Before the beginning

30 seconds were enough to stir my excitement about the photographic illusion that arose when I stared at a piece of photographic paper in the developer in my school's black-and-white photo lab at the age of 16. I then tried to accomplish the same thing at home using my bedside lamp and my mother's kitchenware.

Looking through a SLR camera opened my mind to seeing in a way that was different than my eyes could see. Here is where my visionary imagination started. The photo looks real, but it is not. What a joy!

After trying a lot of other things first, I thought it might be a good idea to earn a living as a fashion photographer. In less than 3 years, I was able to find satisfied clients and orders that paid well. It was a great time but I stopped doing such work when personal relationships became more important than photography. Although fashion photography was lucrative, I simply had to leave.

As an artist I thought of thinking and acting in the present as the time before any future would occur. My perspective has always been to look at the present as an unspecific here and now - one which will become recognizable as a surprising past once the time has been and gone.

Following this instinct, I have never tried to develop things any further. Rather I stand in front of unknown opportunities instead of results or variations of things I already know. This is the point of view I regard as being before any beginning.

This website is an attempt to provide you with an intense selection of my efforts for over 5 decades. So, enjoy and feel free to contact me.