I am Joachim Richter a photographer/videographer in Cologne.

Unintended paintings

New photographs, the title says it all, take a look.

To Wander at Large - Back from Moscow

Düsseldorf based artists Jonas Gerhard and Christoph Westermeier spent two months in Moscow as scholarship holders within the artist exchange program of Düsseldorf and its Russian partner city. In February 2017, Gerhard and Westermeier finished the project with their exhibition "To Wander at Large - Back from Moscow" at the Atelier am Eck in Düsseldorf. Listen to Jonas Gerhard telling from his stay in Moscow and making the photographs for the exhibition.

Venice 38+1

In August 2016 the performance artist Lisa Cieslik was invited by the Emily Harvey Foundation to live in Venice for 38 days. During her stay she gathered advertising flyers from the streets and created each day a mask by using shredded paper. I listened to her talking about "Consumtion Realism in Venice" when walking from San Marco to Rialto Bridge. Finally she gave the performance Trash Dress starting in the Emily Harvey Archive. My film Venice 38+1 shows these shared impressions.